Saturday, March 21, 2015

Quadrotor Matlab Simulation on Ground Station

I've just made matlab simulation on my GCS. quadrotor control simulation using matlab and for 3D view i used google earth plugin. to comunicate between Matlab to GCS, it use simple UDP protocol. it work well. you can see to my videos at youtube belows :

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Abstract Of My Journal



Swadexi Istiqphara

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) Technology is currently growing leaps and bounds. As the benefits are more widely used by community, the unmanned aerial vehicle control system was further enhanced by various types of control, either manual or automatic or user-controlled.

The system consists of hardware and software. Hardware consists of devices for the data transmission and a joystick control device located at the Ground station, other than at the earth station there is other hardware that brought a vehicle called the controller. while the software consists of a vehicle tracking system that gets data from the controller, and processing data from the joystick to be transmitted to the controller. This software has a complete instrumentation system on the aircraft state information.

It has been observed on the controller and the Ground Control Station. Based on the results of the testing and implementation of the software, a vehicle is controlled by the manual pilot system using Joystick. As for the Autopilot system is not perfect in the algorithm toward the waypoint and stabilization system.While the tracking system is equipped with avionics instrumentation on the Ground Control Station can already be used well.

Keywords: vehicle, UAV, Ground Control Station, controllers, sensors, joysticks Pilot, avionics instrumentation, UAV autopilot,UAV manual pilot.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Forecast Weather On GCS

i add new feature on my GCS..its can give us weather information on coordinat that we wanna flight...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DxAutopilot Ground Control Station

Now. I've Finished My Ground Control Station, I Give it name dXGCS.. with Features

1. Flashing to dxAutopilot's Board.
2. 3D UAV View using Google Earth Plugin
3. Record and Play Flight Data
4. USB Joystick Control , to control UAV
5. Wireless Camera ( FPV Wanna be :D )
6. Map Downloader ( So You can Using Map Offline )
7. Instrument View : AH, Satelite, Altimeter, Heading, Speed, Baterai Indikator, Servo Signal Viewer.

System Requirements :

1. Windows .OS ( Xp, Vista, 7)
2. Net Framework 4.0
3. Google Earth Active Plugin

I build this GCS using C# . net Programing. And It will Continue to developed.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

QuadCopter Control Board

Waw, i already bought a quadcopter control board's very cheap. only $14 you got 1 atmega168 and 3 gyros in one PCB.i bought it from

Based on and built in conjunction with the original QUADBoard designer Rolf and the popular and already well supported KK Control board, the Hobbyking Multi-Rotor control board is bringing Quadcopter madness to the masses with its breakthroughs in quality and price!
The HobbyKing Multi-Rotor control board uses Japanese Murata piezo gyros that are less sensitive to vibration than SMD type gyros and also features state of the art SMT manufacturing to ensure quality. This board also uses a user programmable Atmega168PA IC.
Specs.Size: 50.5mm x 50.5mm x 23.5mmWeight: 14.5 gramIC: Atmega168PA Gyro: Murata PiezoInput Voltage: 3.3-5.5VSignal from Receiver: 1520us (4 channels)Signal to ESC: 1520us

Whats is a Multi-Rotor Control board you ask?

The HobbyKing Multi-Rotor controller is a flight control board for 4 rotor Aircraft (Quadcopters). Its purpose is to stabilise the aircraft during flight. To do this it takes the signal from the three on board gyros (roll, pitch and yaw) then passes the signal to the Atmega168PA IC. The Atmega168PA IC unit then processes these signals according the users installed software and passes control signals to the installed Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs). These signals instruct the ESCs to make fine adjustments to the motors rotational speed which in turn stabilises your Quadcopter.
The HobbyKing Multi-Rotor control board also uses signals from your radio systems receiver (Rx) and passes these signals to the Atmega168PA IC via the ail, ele, thr and rud inputs. Once this information has been processed the IC will send varying signals to the ESCs which in turn adjust the rotational speed of each motor to induce controlled flight (up, down, backwards, forwards, left, right, yaw).